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Director. Photographer
Clément Dezelus is a visual artist based in Paris. His work explores several mediums as film, music-videos, illustrations, painting and art direction. He started his carrer as a fashion illustrator, and works mainly in the luxury sector for brands such as Chanel, Azzaro or Agnès B
From 2015 his aesthetic is requested for commercials. He expands his work in film, music-video and advertising and collaborated with major groups as Air France, design a perfume for Lancaster distributed worldwide and photographs Vanessa Hudgens in Los Angeles for the Fabletics campaign.  
At the same time, he works with artists in the world of music as Adi Oasis, Kimberose, Bilal Hassani and Corine.
His work is called in the world of entertainment, in 2023 he signs the stage visuals and the campaign of the erotic cabaret Fantasma. The success of the show crosses borders and allows him to sign the stage visuals of the Las Vegas show Belle de Nuit, starring Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera at the Venetian.
His first film La couleur du chlore, produced by Insolence and Canal+ 
is currently in production.
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